Truecaller Mod Unlocked [Gold MOD latest version 13.40.6]

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Truecaller Mod: First of all, welcome to our blog post, Truecaller app helps you from the calls of scammers. Nowadays, calls come from scammers, OTP comes and your account gets hacked, so this Truecaller helps you, it has many features, we have discussed those features in this article. given in the blog post, then I expect you to read this blog post completely.

Truecaller Mod
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Update On October 29, 2023
MOD FeaturesGold Unlocked
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About Truecaller Mod

Truecaller Mod: Some people call you again and again to trouble you, you get fed up with them and sometimes it is the scammers who call you to trouble you and waste a lot of your time. Now you can avoid this, you can avoid their calls. You can put it in the block list and if he calls you again, you will tell him that your number is busy, this will not cause any trouble to you and will not waste your time.

Easy call recording:

If you are using any other platform like Play Store and others, then you will get many call recording applications from here, but Truecaller is giving you the feature of call recording for free. If you want to record someone’s call, then he will automatically record the call. It will record and the sound will also be clear

Call recording is very useful in our daily life, like if the doctor tells you medicines over the phone, then you do not remember him. In such a situation, you can use the feature of call recording and all these call recordings get saved in your truecaller When it comes to your mind you can listen to it.

Other useful features

1. Although Truecaller has many features, we cannot talk about so many features in this block post. We will tell you some important features in this block post.

2. You will know the name of the number in which the number is registered from all over the world.


1.Can I send secret messages in Truecaller?

Yes you can do secret chatting in Truecaller

2.Can I block people in Truecaller?

Yes You can surely block people in Truecaller

3.Will I get to know who is calling me in Truecaller?

Yes you can see caller ID in Truecaller

3. You can avoid phone calls from any scammers. You will see the name of Scam in red letters.

4.You can easily blacklist phone numbers 5.You can easily make call recording in good voice

How to install Truecaller Mod

1. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.

2. Install and enjoy

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